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Pryor and the Raiders... what a fit.

Posted on: August 23, 2011 1:46 pm
I'm not sure if anyone was surprised that the Oakland Raiders drafted the former Ohio State QB Terrell Pryor in yesterday's supplemental draft. He should fit in perfectly with the rest of the leagues degenerates and criminals that fill the Raiders roster. The biggest criminal of them all is owner Al Davis who probably should of had the team stripped from his arthritic hands years ago. This guy has no idea what it takes to run a football team anymore and even when the team sweeps the division, like last year, they still can't make the playoffs.

Pryor is one of the many now pro athletes that has been surrounded by NCAA scandals, but let's not get me started on the NCAA right now cause that's a whole nother blog in itself. He is also one of those QBs who was incredibly successful at the college level but probably doesn't have what it takes to make it as a NFL starter. Hey Pryor, ask Tim Tebow how much success he is having right now and he put up way better numbers than you did in college. This is also a trend for Oakland, and that is picking up very athletic, mobile Qbs in the hopes for greatness. Umm, Jamarcus Russell? How did that work out? Umm, Jason Campbell, who is currently their #1 guy, he hasn't done anything to prove his worth yet has he?

So, should Oakland fans be excited about getting Pryor? Sure, why not? You only gave up your third round pick in next year's draft for him which now leaves Oakland without picks in the second, third and fourth rounds in the 2012 draft. If you are a fan of the Raiders you better pray he lives up to the expectations because there is no hope for the immediate future if he doesn't. Oh wait, isn't he suspended for the first five games of the NFL season due to the NCAA allegations? The Raiders could already be pretty far out of it after five games. If they are out of it by the time Pryor can play at least their will be no question he will get the opportunity to play.

Personally, I love Al Davis. He keeps making a mess of that team of his and since I absolutely despise the Raiders and love every piece of drama that comes out of that franchise. The fans are already pissed off and showed how classy they all are over the weekend in San Fransisco but they should direct all that hate towards the owner and not other fans just as pissed about their crappy 49ers team. Take a chill bill all you in black and silver and hold on for the long haul. There is a decent amount of talent on the roster but the ownership will never give them a chance at true success. I love it.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 6:06 pm

Pryor and the Raiders... what a fit.

you r a denver fan so i think that the raiders will use he a good way

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Posted on: August 23, 2011 5:58 pm

Pryor and the Raiders... what a fit.

I can write all day on this blog and point out many things that would confirm you're an idiot. I don't recall how Jamarcus Russell was ever an athletic quarterback. The kid could throw a mile but was never known for being nimble with his feet. He was also the number one overall pick on majority of peoples draft lists. I don't mind Oakland taking him in this draft simply because he doesn't have to start and he'll get all year to sit and learn the system. During his 5 game suspension he will have a playbook and acess to the film room. The Raiders may have draft picks in the 2-4 round because of compensatory picks for Asomougha, Miller, and Gallery. Whats the difference between taking him now in the third round or next year? If we had a 4th round pick next year (trade for Jason Campbell) we would have used it and Pryor wouldn't have lasted until the 5th round. Oh and I'm just curious who are the degenerates and criminals are who fill the roster? Because of fan violence the roster is full of criminals? This sounds like a blog of a true Broncos fan.

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