Posted on: August 23, 2011 1:46 pm

Pryor and the Raiders... what a fit.

I'm not sure if anyone was surprised that the Oakland Raiders drafted the former Ohio State QB Terrell Pryor in yesterday's supplemental draft. He should fit in perfectly with the rest of the leagues degenerates and criminals that fill the Raiders roster. The biggest criminal of them all is owner Al Davis who probably should of had the team stripped from his arthritic hands years ago. This guy has no idea what it takes to run a football team anymore and even when the team sweeps the division, like last year, they still can't make the playoffs.

Pryor is one of the many now pro athletes that has been surrounded by NCAA scandals, but let's not get me started on the NCAA right now cause that's a whole nother blog in itself. He is also one of those QBs who was incredibly successful at the college level but probably doesn't have what it takes to make it as a NFL starter. Hey Pryor, ask Tim Tebow how much success he is having right now and he put up way better numbers than you did in college. This is also a trend for Oakland, and that is picking up very athletic, mobile Qbs in the hopes for greatness. Umm, Jamarcus Russell? How did that work out? Umm, Jason Campbell, who is currently their #1 guy, he hasn't done anything to prove his worth yet has he?

So, should Oakland fans be excited about getting Pryor? Sure, why not? You only gave up your third round pick in next year's draft for him which now leaves Oakland without picks in the second, third and fourth rounds in the 2012 draft. If you are a fan of the Raiders you better pray he lives up to the expectations because there is no hope for the immediate future if he doesn't. Oh wait, isn't he suspended for the first five games of the NFL season due to the NCAA allegations? The Raiders could already be pretty far out of it after five games. If they are out of it by the time Pryor can play at least their will be no question he will get the opportunity to play.

Personally, I love Al Davis. He keeps making a mess of that team of his and since I absolutely despise the Raiders and love every piece of drama that comes out of that franchise. The fans are already pissed off and showed how classy they all are over the weekend in San Fransisco but they should direct all that hate towards the owner and not other fans just as pissed about their crappy 49ers team. Take a chill bill all you in black and silver and hold on for the long haul. There is a decent amount of talent on the roster but the ownership will never give them a chance at true success. I love it.
Posted on: August 20, 2011 1:13 pm

A True Fan of the Game

Last night I attended the Dodgers vs. Rockies game at Coors Field. Now while the game got fairly ugly, fairly quickly, for us home town Rockies fans as the Dodgers spanked us 8-2. For a team that appears to have given up on the season and perhaps worse, appears to have burned out on their manager Jim Tracy. Only time will tell what the off season holds for this franchise as they were expected to make a serious run for the division title but currently sit well below .500.

Even though the game was a bust, my buddy and I had the pleasure of talking to someone who can only be described as the front runner for one of the biggest Rockies fans of all time but also a true fan of the game of baseball. This guy has had season tickets for the Rockies at least since Coors Field opened in 1995 and sits right behind the left field wall in the first row always wearing a baseball glove looking to catch the next home run hit in his direction. I have seen him on TV and see him every time I'm at the ballpark. The man's closet must be completely filled with baseball jerseys as it looks like he wears a different one to every game. These aren't just Rockies jerseys either. Yesterday he was wearing a Montreal Expos jersey and commented to us that he had just ordered a Boston Braves jersey that will don the name Ruth on the back. How cool is that?

Now I need to run through some of this guy's statistics. Since sitting in left field this guy claims to have caught 81 home run balls over the years and over 2,700 batting practice balls. His daughter, who attended the game with him last night was attending her 403 Rockies game and was no older than 9 years old if I had to guess. What an incredible record!! 81 home run balls. In my baseball watching career I have felt incredibly lucky to have snatched up 3 foul balls. I can't imagine catching 81 home run balls.

In 2000 he caught balls on back to back homers and later received a letter from the commissioner of baseball saying he had people check and couldn't find another person who had caught two home runs in one inning. He also caught three home runs by one hitter in a game. He has caught several home runs that were the first of someone's career or other milestone hits and has traded those balls for signed memorabilia like bats, jerseys, etc.

It's pretty obvious that this guy loves the game of baseball, but even more he is a die hard Rockies fan. I heard him say last night during our conversation that if he had the opportunity, he would throw every home run ball he has caught by the opposition back into the field of play if it meant the runs come off the board. Here in Denver we need more fans like this guy. Even though there was 44,000+ people at the game last night to watch two sub-par teams play a game, I have always had a feeling that Denver is mostly full of fair weather fans that only really love a team when they are successful, which is tough cause most of the sports in Denver have not been very successful lately. If all the fans can show a real dedication to a team and stick with it through good times and bad that might translate to the front office and then they might demand more from the team than they have been getting.

I recently spent a day at Fenway park and as much as I hate Boston and all of their professional sports teams, their fans know how to cheer for their team. Granted the teams in Boston have been incredibly successful over the last decade and I'm sure that relates to the amount of serious fans, but while I was in Boston and at Fenway I watched the Kansas City Royals beat the Red Sox. The fans were louder than I have ever heard fans at Coors Field and they all stayed for the whole game no matter what the score was. Teams around the league could learn something from their dedication and I can only hope for more fans to show up to Coors Field and root on our team like the man in left field looking to catch his 82nd home run ball.
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Posted on: August 16, 2011 12:35 pm

Thome Joins the 600 Club

Last night the Minnesota Twins' Jim Thome hit his 600th career home run in a 9-6 win over the Detroit Tigers, becoming the 8th player in the history of the game to accomplish such a feat. As I look at the 8 players in the 600 club I begin to wonder if the club is tainted. Sure, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Babe Ruth did it the good old fashion way. The Babe did it on beer, hot dogs and cigars so if those are considered PEDs then I guess we can bring his homers into question. The other 5 players on the list I'm not so sure about.

Barry Bonds, who is the current home run king definitely used some steroids to help get him there. Now I know that hasn't been proven yet but c'mon seriously? The guy had to have been juicing for most of his career in San Fransisco. I also believe he will never make the Hall of Fame because of it.

Ken Griffey Jr. is the next guy I want to talk about. This guy was my childhood hero. I loved watching him play for the Mariners and was happy that he had such a great career. Now I do believe that Jr. never did take the juice and most likely joined the 600 club on his natural talent and strength. It worries me that he played in the heart of the steroid era and makes me skeptical but his constant injuries help me think he stayed clean.I hope he does make the Hall and I am pretty sure that he will.

Next is Sammy Sosa. It's safe to say that he helped save the game of Baseball at the turn of the millennium but I am also under the impression that he didn't do it naturally. In 1997 Sosa hit 36 home runs, the next year he hit 66 and then didn't hit less than 50 until 2002 when he hit 49. How do you naturally begin to double your average home runs hit a year? The answer is you don't.

Alex Rodriguez is the next on the list and in my opinion the next home run king. He still has enough time left in his career (if he stays healthy) to surpass Barry Bonds' home run record. Unfortunately he will be another tainted king as he has admitted to using performance enhancing drugs. His admittance might give him penance and an eventual acceptance into the Hall but only time will tell.

Finally we have Jim Thome. He has had a great career and should have solidified his ticket into the Hall last night with his 600th bomb. i only hope the PED conversation doesn't come up with his name attached. He played most of his career in the heart of the steroid era and has always been a heavy hitter. I personally haven't heard his name come up in the performance enhancing drug conversations and I hope it stays that way. The game needs clean players to continue to pursue records and milestones in order to dilute the nasty taste the steroid era has left on the game.

Don't get me wrong. I understand it is incredibly hard to hit a home run off of a major league pitcher. It takes great skill in eye-hand coordination. Not every home run hit by a guy using PED's is in direct correlation to using those drugs. But, how many of those home runs might have just ended up a deep fly ball to center? No one will ever be able to know the answer to that question and I strongly believe that every player admitted or who has tested positive and denied using PED's or HGH gets a big fat * on their career stats. I only hope the next player to hit the 600 home run club does it the old fashion way.
Posted on: August 15, 2011 12:37 pm

Can the PGA afford to lose Tiger?

As a 26 year old sports fanatic I have grown up watching Tiger Woods dominate not only the golfing world but also become the most dominate sports figure in America. It also looked like he was going to crush Jack Nicholas' record of 18 career major wins. Then... Thanksgiving 2009 hits the calendar and his life is turned upside down. Now I don't agree with his personal choices I do however understand them. If you were a world famous billionaire and traveling almost year round, I'm sure the number of women that throw themselves at you would be pretty hard to turn down and as we all know, Tiger didn't turn anything or anyone down. Once again, I don't blame him but I do blame him for making the decision of getting married and starting a family. If you want to hook up with a bunch of gold digging skanks then don't have a wife.

After a year of drama Tiger decided to get back onto the course and let his play do the talking. I always felt that if Tiger stepped up and just dominated a tournament like he used to everyone in the media and the fans who follow him would forget his indiscretions and allow him to get back into the groove of things. Unfortunately that win has never happened. It's now been over three years now since his last PGA win and I personally haven't seen any sort of sign that he is close to winning again.

This now raises the question of if the PGA can regain the popularity it had when Tiger was at the top of his game. There have been several players who have won some big tourneys and every time a new young kid wins, like Rory Mcilroy, or even the new PGA champion Keegan Bradley, I hope that these kids find a way to win consistently. No one has proven that they can do that so far. In order for the PGA to regain some of it's followers it needs to have dominate and consistent winners. I thought Mcilroy was going to be that guy this year with three solid rounds at the Masters and then a US Open win, but since then he has faltered.

Was Tiger that good? Or is it just that hard to consistently win a golf tournament? I think the combination of both is the real answer. I hope to see another golfer as dominate as Tiger, someone who makes a regular sports fan watch a golf tournament, or pick up some sticks and step out on the course themselves. That is exactly what the PGA wants but hasn't found yet. It's what the PGA needs.

No professional golfer needs to win tournaments to make a really good living and that could also be one of the problems. If you finish all four rounds in a PGA tournament you are going to get paid a decent amount, The two guys who finished in last place this weekend (after making the cut) in the PGA championship took home $15,000. Then add on sponsorships and no one is hurting for cash, and no one is dying for a victory, except maybe Tiger. Don't get me wrong I'm sure every guy who steps out onto the course every weekend is looking to win, but the consequences of last place is a$15,000 check. Boo Hoo.

So, we are on a three year streak of nothing but bad news regarding Tiger Woods, I mean seriuosly, when was the last time something good about Tiger came out in the news? I think it was 2008, that was last decade. Is there anyone left but me who hopes that when he plays a tournament that he wins? I hope I'm not the last one because I am slowly losing my patience. The guy shot a +10 in two days and missed the cut. This is not the Tiger us golf fans are used to seeing and it doesn't appear he is ready to get any better. Is it in his head? It has to be. I don't know what it's going to take to get him back to where he needs to be but unless it happens soon I can only see more sponsors pulling the plug and more fans slowly forgetting about how great he once was.
Posted on: March 8, 2010 9:22 pm

Does the Media Need to Lay Off Tiger?

Over the last few months the life of Tiger Woods has been dissected in the public eye and I feel that the media is more to blame than he his. Now I realize that he did make a mistake and maybe if he wanted that lifestyle he should have never gotten married, but can you blame the guy? If I was Tiger Woods I for sure would be letting women throw themselves at me, but I might have been a little more picky.

Tiger has lost sponsorships and millions of dollars but I am not sure that is because of his "infidelity", or if it just because he is not playing golf at the moment and I think that everyone just has the assumption that these companies don't want Tiger as the face of their company. If I have learned anything about business it's that these guys love money and Tiger makes a whole bunch of money for these companies so as soon as he steps back onto the golf course I have a feeling his sponsorships will be running back to him.

As a sports fan and a lover of golf I find the PGA without Tiger just not worth watching as much. It's the NBA without Melo, Kobe, or Lebron, the NHL without Sid the Kid and Ovechkin, the MLB without... well... the Yankees. My point is that as long as the known best is not participating it's like watching who is going to take second. I understand it is extremely difficult to win a professional golf tournament but for everyone that is winning one while he is on his quest to fix his reputation, congrats, you won without having to play the best.

As a golf fan I want Tiger back as soon as possible but I am not really sure that is going to happen. He obviously doesn't need the money and I believe he is trying to fix his marriage or his reputation or both so it might take some time for him to show back up on the golf course but I think we need to cut him some slack and let it go.

It's pretty unbelievable as a society that we become so interested in this tabloid media crap and the way it can ruin people's lives. Now I think Tiger will be just fine and it will start once he gets back onto the course and wins a tournament so coverage begins to focus back on him winning golf tournaments rather than his personal life. We the public let Kobe of the hook for his "adultery" and he even got accused of rape in the process.
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Posted on: October 22, 2009 3:50 pm

The East Coast Bias

I live in Colorado in case anyone was interested. I've noticed over my years as a sports fan that it is very hard for any sports team located in the Western part of the country to get any recognition, unless of course that team is located in Los Angeles. True? or False? Unless you are the Dodgers or the Lakers it is going to take a miracle hot streak, amazing plays, or just pure luck to get any national attention. This is not fair, but it is just the way it is, and I don't really see change in the near future. The one thing I don't know is why? I know that the population is much more dense in the East, and that the states are much smaller and take less time to travel through, but does that mean that only the East coast teams deserve the spotlight.

After the Rockies fired Clint Hurdle, they had the second best record in the MLB, only behind the Yankees, who look like they will win the World Series. Do you know how many nationally televised games the Rockies had in the regular season after that, not including the playoffs? 1!! The Dodgers were on Fox every Saturday it seemed like. The San Fransisco Giants were another example, they had some of the best starting pitching in the game, if not the best, granted their offense was a little weak and that's probably why they didn't make the playoffs but still, they got hardly any recognition. in 2007, when the Rockies made the playoffs and then got to the World Series got completely snuffed out in the voting for MVP. Holliday got robbed and had better numbers then Jimmy Rollins who won the award, but I strongly believe that if Holliday had gotten more of the spotlight, for instance if he put those numbers up for the Braves, or any other east coast team, it would have been a unannimous decision for his MVP title. Tulo should have an argument for rookie of the year as well in '07 but he didn't win either.

Football is the same way. It took the Broncos to get to 6-0 before people have really started giving them the attention they deserve. Yet we still are behind the Giants, Jets, Eagles, Indy headlines, and all but the Colts have lost games this year. What is it going to take to get all of us west coast teams the attention that they have earned. We all can't fit in L.A. can we?

Who isn't on the Celtic/Laker/Cavs bandwagon? Are there any other teams in the NBA?, and not the Knicks!! The Knicks are terrible, have been for a while and they still get a whole lot of air time on the national sports stations. It's ridiculous. The Nuggets. Trail Blazers, and Jazz are establishing themselves as power houses in the NBA but you won't find one sports writter who would chose to cover one of their games rather then what LeBron did last night, or how many points Kobe is gonna have.

The other night Barry Melrose came out and said that the Pittsburg Penguins were the best team in the NHL and would probably repeat this year. Where is the compitition? The Avalanche have just about as many points as the Penguins so far, and the Avalanche have played less games, and 7 out of their 9 games this season have been on the road. I am not trying to say that the Avalanche are better then the Penguins but they have started this season, hotter then anyone has expected and I believe they deserve a little recognition for it.

It is time to end the East Coast Bias that is currently plaguing the sports world. We are in need of serious change in coverage and the way our sports news is being sent to us. Death to the East Coast Bias! I want equal coverage, is that so much to ask for? Equality!! or atleast a fair share of west coast bias for all of us to counteract this strong attack from the east.
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Choke Job Ends Season

\Well, its all over. The best season the Rockies has ever had was ended by the Phillies today in Denver. The Rockies, down 2-1 in the 8th put up three runs and took a 4-2 lead. Then what do they do? They bring in one of the most successful closers of the season Huston Street. Now Huston gave up the game in the 9th yesterday as well, which put us in this season ending position. Street who apparently will face the same guys who owned him the night before, why not give Morales a chance at these lefties? Anyways I don't feel like getting into all of it but Street blew it again and then we couldn't tie it up with the heart of our order and there you have it, they choked and we lost. Season Over. Man that sucks.

There is always next year. It's just a game. I've heard it all but this hurts. As a fan I always want a win, who doesn't. But having the lead and then blowing it with 1 out left to force a game five (in which I felt the starting pitching matchup in game 5 favored the Rockies as well) really really hurts. As for next year I am not sure what we can expect. We are going to have to deal with the Dodgers all over again, as well as the Giants who I'm sure won't be going anywhere either. Right now I just don't feel like projecting our finish next season.

We will have Jeff Francis back into our rotation but that leaves one guy out? Hammel? Marquis? De la Rosa (I hope not). I'm not sure what will happen. Will Helton be back? Hawpe? Atkins? Only time will tell. I guess I will write more then...

Depressed in Denver...

I also have to give credit to the Phillies, as much as I don't want to but congrats and I hope you beat the Dodgers cause I at least hate them more then you guys. But I have a feeling no one is going to get past the Yankees.

Great Season Rockies I wish you could have gotten back to the Series and then most likely been swept again but at least we would have been there. I really hope we keep Jim Tracy as the Manager, he deserves manager of the year, I will see you guys in Tucson for spring traning.

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Can The Rockies Win If They Make The Playoffs?

So, I know there are still 21 games left in the season and I might be getting ahead of myself but now that the Rockies are 21 games above .500 and have won 7 games in a row, I am feeling a little confident. The Rockies, who beat the Reds this afternoon 5-1 just wrapped up a 10 game home stand and went 9-1. Thats an exceptional record for any team. With that 9-1 homestand they are currently 2.5 games behind the Dodgers for the division title and 4.5 games up on the Giants for the Wild Card. Their record is 81-60! They now have 7 more series this season. They are as follows:

*3 games @ San Diego- I think the Rockies need to take two out of three in this series, San Diego has had a rough season so far but they have started to play decent baseball as of late, so the Rockies should not head into San Diego tonight thinking they are facing a bad team.

*3 Games @ San Fransisco- The Rockies wrap up their season series against the Giants in San Fransisco. The Rockies, who got swept not that long ago in San Fransisco need to focus on their lead in the Wild Card and try to aviod the sweep once more. As long as they win one game they should be ok, but if Tim Lincecum is still hurting the Rockies need to take serious advantage of that. This is a big series and the Rox need to treat it as such. (The Giants have to play the Dodgers, Rockies, Dodgers, the next three series, so who knows, if they faulter they could be done in by the next 9 games)

*3 games @ Arizona- The Diamondbacks are another team like the Padres, they have had a rough and long season so far but a lot of their injuries are now healthy and they are starting to play a lot better. Any game when Dan Haren is on the mound is tough one for the opposition. The Rox will also be finishing their season series against Arizona in hostile territory but with a 9-6 record against the D-Backs gives me hope we can take 2 out of 3 from them and finish strong, a sweep might be crutial at this point but I am kind of hoping for the Giants and Dodgers to really beat each other up during these first 9 games towards October baseball.

*3 games vs. San Diego- The Rox return home to finish their season series against the Padres, A sweep would be nice, as well as probable, but 2 out of 3 is a successful series.

*3 games vs. St. Louis- WOW! The Cards have been on fire since they aquired Matt Holliday, and he will have his first trip back to Denver since we traded him last year. If we have to go up against Adam Wainwright who is the league leader in wins with 18, I think we are in trouble. I still think we will need to win this series, and take 2 out of 3 from them to ensure a playoff birth but this will be our second hardest series left. Lets not forget that Pujols has 48 home runs at the moment, and I suspect that he will hit atleast two in Denver. Our offense has to be wide awake for this series.

*3 games vs. The Brewers- Although their season is pretty much done, the Brewers are still a very good team. You might notice a trend but we need to win the series and at least two out of three at home. Beware Fielder, and Braun cause they can really ruin a playoff run (just ask the 2007 Padres). I'm suprised that they are not in playoff contention. Thank Holliday moving to St. Louis.

*3 Games @ L.A. Dodgers- This is the biggest and hardest series we face the rest of the season, although it could be completely irrelevant as well, I would put money on the chance that these are big games, and could possibly result in either team winning the division or even making the playoffs. I have no idea what we will need to win this series and the Dodgers have had our number this year but the smell of the division title might just fuel the Rockies past them and into October. 2 out of 3 might be necessary, maybe even a road sweep, but thats unlikely to happen.

So, I have the rockies going 13-8 in the rest of the season (94-66), which should be enough for the wild card and possibly the NL West. It would be the best the rockies have ever finished in their history, but here comes the real question:

Once we make the playoffs can we win?

Lets say the Rockies win the Wild Card, I will assume St. Louis finishes with the best record in the NL so there for we would have to play them in the first five game series. I am not sure that we can take 3 of 5 from the Cards with only two games at home. This is the scariest scenario for me.

OK, so now lets say that the Rockies win the Division, then we would most likely play the defending champion Phillies. This is also a scary situation because their offense is extremely potent, and their rotation is very solid. On the bright side, we have experience playing them in the playoffs and in case the Phillies forgot, it did not go well for them. If I recall we swept them 3-0 in the first round in 2007. Unfortunetly I think the Phillies are a much better team then in '07 and who knows if our team is capable of getting past them.

If we do get past the first round against either one of these teams I suspect we will just have to play one or the other in the second round. Then a whole other challenge rises up and we will see if the Rockies can get to the World Series twice in three years. I can't wait to find out.
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