Posted on: August 20, 2009 7:14 pm

Rockies to start biggest 10 games of season!

So... Is it just me or are all you die hard Rockies fans just absolutely in love with the chase that the team has suddenly found itself right in the middle of? Even at the all star break, when the Rockies were playing some of the best baseball around, I didn't think we had a chance at catching the Los Angeles Dodgers. As of right now (4:50pm Mountain, 8/20/09) we are only three and a half games out of the division lead and a game ahead of the San Fransisco Gaints in the wild card. Who Knew? And... after we hopefullu sweep the Washington Nationals and head back home after a 4-2 road trip, we will really see what this team has got.

Starting tomorrow, (Friday 8/21/09) our next ten games will be against either San Fransisco, or Los Angeles. 7 of these games will be played at home, at Coors Field, where the Rockies are 32-23 so far this season. Just stop and soak it in real quick. The COLORADO ROCKIES are currently 15 games above .500. 15! Ok, now that you all have taken that in and realize this is not the team it used to be. Blame it on the humidor, but I would like to think that our recent success has come from home growing this talent for the most part, and then realizing where they need the most help and then filling those holes via trade or free agency. But let's get back to the business of the next ten days and where we might stand come the first day of September...

The matchups for the next four game series against the Giants here in Denver favor us in my opinion. Jonathan Sanchez, who has thrown a no hitter this year, I know, starts tomorrow against Aarron Cook. The last time Sanchez was in Denver he got lit up and going against one of our vets, despite his struggling last start, on a Friday night, in a most likely sold out stadium has definitely got to put the Rockies as the favorite for the ball game. After that, on Saturday Jorge De La Rosa starts for the Rockies who has been nothing but a pure beast on the mound his last 9 or 10 starts. He goes up against Joe Martinez who is a fill in for the Giants injured rotation. He has decent numbers (3-1 with a 4.76 ERA) but I still think the Rockies should be favored to take the first two games and increase their wild card advantage another game.

The big match up is Sunday afternoon, Tim Lincecum vs. Ubaldo Jimenez. This is a heavy-weight battle and I actually think the Rockies will probably have to get lucky to win this one. The last game of the series has the NL wins leader Jason Marquis on the mound. San Fransisco hasn't announced who their starter is, but I suspect it will be one of two guys. Barry Zito (who should be getting the start), or Matt Cain. I think they might jump Cain up a spot in the rotation if the Rockies have already won the last three games, and if thats the case the Gaints will absolutely need the win, so Cain could get bumped up.

After that four games, and with either a split or a Rockies win of the series, the Rockies could very well be looking at playing for the Division lead the very next series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers have played pretty well at Coors Field and against the Rockies recently but both seem to be different teams then they were last time they played. As soon as that series is over the Rockies then have to travel to San Fransisco for a three game series. What a week or rather ten days its's going to be for the fans of any of these teams. I know we are all starting to sweat as well as taste the post season. Just another month or so and all the questions will be answered...
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