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Posted on: August 15, 2011 12:37 pm

Can the PGA afford to lose Tiger?

As a 26 year old sports fanatic I have grown up watching Tiger Woods dominate not only the golfing world but also become the most dominate sports figure in America. It also looked like he was going to crush Jack Nicholas' record of 18 career major wins. Then... Thanksgiving 2009 hits the calendar and his life is turned upside down. Now I don't agree with his personal choices I do however understand them. If you were a world famous billionaire and traveling almost year round, I'm sure the number of women that throw themselves at you would be pretty hard to turn down and as we all know, Tiger didn't turn anything or anyone down. Once again, I don't blame him but I do blame him for making the decision of getting married and starting a family. If you want to hook up with a bunch of gold digging skanks then don't have a wife.

After a year of drama Tiger decided to get back onto the course and let his play do the talking. I always felt that if Tiger stepped up and just dominated a tournament like he used to everyone in the media and the fans who follow him would forget his indiscretions and allow him to get back into the groove of things. Unfortunately that win has never happened. It's now been over three years now since his last PGA win and I personally haven't seen any sort of sign that he is close to winning again.

This now raises the question of if the PGA can regain the popularity it had when Tiger was at the top of his game. There have been several players who have won some big tourneys and every time a new young kid wins, like Rory Mcilroy, or even the new PGA champion Keegan Bradley, I hope that these kids find a way to win consistently. No one has proven that they can do that so far. In order for the PGA to regain some of it's followers it needs to have dominate and consistent winners. I thought Mcilroy was going to be that guy this year with three solid rounds at the Masters and then a US Open win, but since then he has faltered.

Was Tiger that good? Or is it just that hard to consistently win a golf tournament? I think the combination of both is the real answer. I hope to see another golfer as dominate as Tiger, someone who makes a regular sports fan watch a golf tournament, or pick up some sticks and step out on the course themselves. That is exactly what the PGA wants but hasn't found yet. It's what the PGA needs.

No professional golfer needs to win tournaments to make a really good living and that could also be one of the problems. If you finish all four rounds in a PGA tournament you are going to get paid a decent amount, The two guys who finished in last place this weekend (after making the cut) in the PGA championship took home $15,000. Then add on sponsorships and no one is hurting for cash, and no one is dying for a victory, except maybe Tiger. Don't get me wrong I'm sure every guy who steps out onto the course every weekend is looking to win, but the consequences of last place is a$15,000 check. Boo Hoo.

So, we are on a three year streak of nothing but bad news regarding Tiger Woods, I mean seriuosly, when was the last time something good about Tiger came out in the news? I think it was 2008, that was last decade. Is there anyone left but me who hopes that when he plays a tournament that he wins? I hope I'm not the last one because I am slowly losing my patience. The guy shot a +10 in two days and missed the cut. This is not the Tiger us golf fans are used to seeing and it doesn't appear he is ready to get any better. Is it in his head? It has to be. I don't know what it's going to take to get him back to where he needs to be but unless it happens soon I can only see more sponsors pulling the plug and more fans slowly forgetting about how great he once was.
Posted on: March 8, 2010 9:22 pm

Does the Media Need to Lay Off Tiger?

Over the last few months the life of Tiger Woods has been dissected in the public eye and I feel that the media is more to blame than he his. Now I realize that he did make a mistake and maybe if he wanted that lifestyle he should have never gotten married, but can you blame the guy? If I was Tiger Woods I for sure would be letting women throw themselves at me, but I might have been a little more picky.

Tiger has lost sponsorships and millions of dollars but I am not sure that is because of his "infidelity", or if it just because he is not playing golf at the moment and I think that everyone just has the assumption that these companies don't want Tiger as the face of their company. If I have learned anything about business it's that these guys love money and Tiger makes a whole bunch of money for these companies so as soon as he steps back onto the golf course I have a feeling his sponsorships will be running back to him.

As a sports fan and a lover of golf I find the PGA without Tiger just not worth watching as much. It's the NBA without Melo, Kobe, or Lebron, the NHL without Sid the Kid and Ovechkin, the MLB without... well... the Yankees. My point is that as long as the known best is not participating it's like watching who is going to take second. I understand it is extremely difficult to win a professional golf tournament but for everyone that is winning one while he is on his quest to fix his reputation, congrats, you won without having to play the best.

As a golf fan I want Tiger back as soon as possible but I am not really sure that is going to happen. He obviously doesn't need the money and I believe he is trying to fix his marriage or his reputation or both so it might take some time for him to show back up on the golf course but I think we need to cut him some slack and let it go.

It's pretty unbelievable as a society that we become so interested in this tabloid media crap and the way it can ruin people's lives. Now I think Tiger will be just fine and it will start once he gets back onto the course and wins a tournament so coverage begins to focus back on him winning golf tournaments rather than his personal life. We the public let Kobe of the hook for his "adultery" and he even got accused of rape in the process.
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Posted on: March 8, 2010 9:17 pm
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